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Post Vaccination Diary

Hello everyone, Myself Syed Hasan Askari Rizvi. You may explore my website to know more about me and let’s not waste time in that and get to the point. I made this blog/diary of myself post vaccination and how I felt. 

I got inoculated on 9th July, 2021 at 12:50 P.M. at Chota Imambara Site. After getting vaccinated I was a bit nervous and anxious about side effects that I might get. So let’s get into detailed and chronological aftermath of vaccination.

After getting vaccinated I didn’t felt anything for the next 10-11 hours but things started to change after  that. At 12 in night I started to feel pain at the injection site and a fever of around 99 °F. I took Dolo-650 and tried to sleep which was difficult for me. I slept after 40 min somehow. The next day was very harsh, painful and tedious for me. Once I got up I was having 100 °F. I again  took Dolo-650 after breakfast and laid on sofa for full day (which was the mistake will explain later). My fever and discomfort level increased gradually for full day and the day became a hell for me. There was fever, headache, joint pain and lower back pain. The whole body was in extreme pain and became a bit unbearable. But I knew and believed that this pain is only for a day or if unlucky then for next day only. But I was lucky and next day I felt nothing and body recovered. I took jab of Covishield by AstraZeneca.

Side Effects I faced :

  • Fever (~102°F)
  • Chills (only late night)
  • Joint pain
  • Lower Back pain
  • Headache
  • Sore throat

Mistakes I did :

  • Not getting hydrated (Please drink plenty water post vaccination)
  • Lying on soft sofa (Will explain in detail why)
  • Not taking proper rest

Why lying on sofa was my worst mistake post vaccination ?

Because what I experienced was that my lower back pain increased while lying on something soft but in evening when I changed my position from sofa to something hard, I felt lot of relief in my back pain and also my fever subsidized a bit after changing position. Also I advise you to take massage from some young cousins or anyone who can give. Its really effective for ache and pains. 

PLEASE GET VACCINATED…. What I experienced will not be same for everyone and believe me this pain and fever (if you get) will be worthy enough to save you from Covid-19. Please get yourself vaccinated and people around you whenever you get availability.

Below is my Temperature variation and Body discomfort level through out post vaccination time. Click on the Image for redirection to interactive graph.

Body Temperature Variation (Click on the Image)
Body Discomfort Level (Click on the Image)

Data Table

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